Kings Park, St George’s College and UWA

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  • Starts at Kings Park War Memorial and ends at the UWA boat shed.
  • The walk takes in a sealed path through bushland and a uni campus.
  • You do not need a map as it is well signposted.
  • For summer months, bring a hat and sunscreen.
  • Level of difficulty (on scale of 1 easy to 5 challenging): 1.


  • Start at the Kings Park War Memorial.
  • Walk the Kokoda Track until it meets Law Walk.   Take the Law Walk (straight ahead).
  • Keep the Swan River and Mounts Bay Road to your left.
  • At the edge of the park, the Law Walk crosses Park Ave.  Here you  leave the park.
  • Park Avenue is behind St George’s College. Walk along Park Ave until you reach Crawley Ave.
  • Turn left into Crawley Ave and head down to Mounts Bay Road. Turn right.
  • In about 50 meters you will be in front of St George’s College.
  • This is a private college for UWA students, but the Warden will not mind if you take some photos.

IMG_1947   IMG_1953

  • Leave St Georges and cross Mounts Bay Road to the UWA campus.
  • Highlights:
    • forecourt of the Great Hall,
    • Romanesque colonnade,
    • Open air cinema,
    • Cricket pavilion,
    • Law quadrangle
    • Library.



  • Leave the campus and head back towards the river.
  • The UWA boat shed in on the way back to Perth.
  • Follow the path between Mounts Bay Road and the river.


  • The blue boat house is a popular backdrop for wedding photos.
  • The statute of the diving beauty is a college favourite for O-week banners and pranks.


IMG_2040  IMG_2049

For coffee – there is a Dome on St George’s Terrace. I order the strong skim flat white.

If you are planning to eat out or drink, bring your money.  Perth is not cheap.

Have fun!